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Dorner LPZ series belt conveyors

The versatile aluminium framed incline conveyor system

elevator conveyor

Dorner LPZ elevating conveyors.

Dorner offers a variety of conveyors capable of Z-frame configurations. Z-Frame conveyors are used to elevate products or to lower products if run the opposite way.  We offer Dorner Z-frame conveyors with both aluminium and stainless steel construction, covering industries from packaging and assembly, to food processing.




Loads up to 455 kg

Belt speeds to 183 m/min

Belt widths: 95 mm to 1,219 mm

Conveyor lengths: 1,829 mm to 30,175 mm

Adjustable angle on some models, 0˚ to 35˚  

Centre and end drive models available

Cross cleated and sidewall cleats possible 


Applications & Benefits


Nose-over, horizontal to incline, Z frame and walk-thru configurations available 

Quick five-minute belt change possible

Adjustable angle frames on some models conform to applications 

Rack and pinion belt tensioning for fast, accurate reliable single point belt tensioning 

V-groove bed plate with guided belt provides positive belt tracking, even under some demanding side load applications 

Strong, construction resists damaging frame twist 

Stand mounting brackets and return belt rollers easily re-positioned along the frame 

Two T-Slots are present on each side for easy mounting of pre-engineered accessories 


elevating conveyor options



Conveyor Belt CAD tool


Design and specify your own Dorner belt conveyors.

The new Dorner D-Config software helps you to specify your Dorner  conveyor belt. Select the right conveyor type. Provides descriptions and part numbers. Build your conveyors with stands, drives, side guides. Create 2D and 3D CAD files and PDF based designs. Use the above details to request a quote.

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