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Type40 low profile belt conveyors

Low profile - high capacity aluminium based conveyor belts

Type 40 conveyor beltType 40 Conveyor Belt

Our low cost, low profile belt conveyor constructed with slotted aluminium profiles. The frame is based on a 40mm thick aluminium extrusion and the modular components that compliment the aluminium system allow for fast conveyor build and for easy changes to future design if the customer requires.

Type40 belt conveyors are manufactured from 40X40mm extruded anodised aluminium profile. Under the belt the support comes from a folded modular galvanised steel skid bed. These conveyors have 40mm diameter drive and tail roller as standard and are driven by an external shaft mounted geared motor. There is an option for a centre drive. These conveyors have a weight capacity of up to 5Kg per metre. The belt is fully guided using a tracking cleat under the belt.



Key features 

  • Shaft mounted 3 phase motor as standard 
  • Incline/Decline versions available 
  • Up to 5kg capacity per linear metre 
  • Belt widths available from 36mm to 596mm as standard 
  • Conveyor lengths from 300mm to 10m 
  • Self tracking belt 
  • Adjustable height stands available 
  • 40mm thick aluminium profile side frame with 8mm slots 
  • 40mm diameter drive and tail rollers
  • Optional side guides
  • Optional adjustable speed and safety systems 

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